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Duct Tape Uses – Fixing an Aeroplane!

Duct Tape Uses

Apart from underwear, I think Duct Tape should be an essential item that every traveller should stuff into their backpack. This essential invention has been used to repair pretty much anything that is broken. It’s versatility is unquestioned! It’s so strong, that it will hold anything together but it’s so easy to tear off the […]

Best Hardware Store – ‘People Always Complain’..

Best Hardware Store - People Always Complain in Malawi

Today I’ve got a funny travel photo from Sarah Carroll who runs The Ethical Volunteer. It’s about the Best Hardware Store In The World – and it’s located in Malawi, in Southern Africa. You can follow Sarah on Twitter @EthicalVol and on Facebook. You can also check out their Indiegogo site which is aiming to […]

Sounds Like.. Anal Weiner. Funny Car Parking Sign!

Sounds Like - Funny Car Park Sign

I love travel. One of the best parts of it for me are the funny travel photos and signs where something in the native language is completely innocent, but when viewed or spoken by an English Speaker, take on a completely new meaning. That is, the quote¬†Sounds Like¬†something else that causes a bit of a […]

Taj Mahal Photos – Love Story Irony..

Taj Mahal Photos India - Love Story Irony

Taj Mahal Photos – Not a Cliched one either! The Taj Mahal is probably the most famous place in India, and one of the most recognisable landmarks in the entire world. Millions visit the place to take a tonne of Taj Mahal Photos for their computer wallpaper or for slideshows when they get home. But […]

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