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Adventure Girl Interview with Stefanie Michaels: Top Travel Twitter Tweeter!

Adventure Girl Photo - Stefanie Michaels

Adventure Girl Interview with Stefanie Michaels Hi there people out in Travel Tart land. Today I have an interview with Adventure Girl, otherwise known as Stefanie Michaels. She is a well known travel personality who is all over the media, and she has a staggering following on Twitter – almost one and a half million […]

Yalda Hakim Interview from SBS Australia Dateline Current Affairs


Yalda Hakim Talks Hi there! Today I’ve got an interview with Yalda Hakim, who is co-host of the SBS Australia program Dateline¬†which is a show I watch all the time to keep up to date on all the current affairs happening in the world because I avoid all of the trashy ‘reality’ shows like the […]

The Travel Bug Interview with Morgan Burrett

The Travel Bug TV Interview - Morgan Burrett

The Travel Bug called Morgan Burrett Talks! Hey there Travel Tart readers, today I’ve scored an interview with Morgan Burrett, who is the host of the popular TV show The Travel Bug. Morgan stays in front of the camera for this informative program which follows his trips around the world. He’s managed to wrench himself […]

Adventure Travel Interview with Cas and Jonesy

Adventure Travel - Cas and Jonesy Top Ten Tipple Challenge

Adventure Travel the Extreme Way – the Cas and Jonesy Interview Hi there Travel Tart readers. Today I’ve got an interview with a couple of truly adventurous travellers – Cas and Jonesy. These two guys are Australians who have done some crazy and intrepid Adventure Travel in their lifetimes (so far), which has included the […]

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