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Head First & Extreme Tourist Interview with Sabour Bradley

Head First - Sabour Bradley

Hi there Travel Tarters, today I’ve got an interview with Sabour Bradley. Sabour is an award winning film maker and journalist from Australia who’s travelled around the world to make some great documentaries. He’s done some crazy s*(% in the past like audition for Afghanistan Idol, travelling across war torn borders with local fixers to […]

Gastronaut Interview with Stefan Gates – Cooking In The Danger Zone!

Weird Foods - The Gastronaut

The Gastronaut (Stefan Gates) Chats about Weird Food! Hi there people in Travel Tart land. Today I’ve got a foody/offbeat bent with my interview today – it’s Stefan Gates, otherwise known as The Gastronaut. He’s been in a heap of TV series, including one of my favourites, Cooking in The Danger Zone, which involves all […]

Samuel Johnson Interview about Breast Cancer Awareness and Unicycles

Samuel Johnson Interview

Hi there Travel Tart Readers, today I’ve scored an interview with actor Samuel Johnson. He’s a bit crazy because he wants to ride 15,000 kilometres on a unicycle around Australia to raise Breast Cancer Awareness as well as 1 million dollars for breast cancer research at the Garvan Institute of Australia. But that was enough […]

Tom Williams Interview on Northern Territory Travel

Tom Williams Interview Travel

Tom Williams Chats About Travel Hi there people out there in Travel Tart land – today I’ve got an interview with Tom Williams. He has the enviable job of being a television and radio presenter in Australia, which includes many travel themed shows like The Great Outdoors and No Leave, No Life. He’s even won […]

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