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Bill Granger Interview - Celebrity Chef

Bill Granger Interview – Celebrity Chef Talk on Food, Recipes and Chicken Sashimi!

Bill Granger Talks about Not So Mainstream Food! As part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival, I had a chance to talk to Bill Granger who is an Australian Celebrity Chef who cooks up all sorts ...
Travel Television Show Presenter Interview Jules Lund Getaway

Travel Television Show Presenter Interview with Jules Lund from Getaway!

Jules Lund talks about Travel Television Show Presenting! Hi there travel aficionados, I've got another interview for you today. It's with Jules Lund, who is a presenter on the Australian travel television ...
The Great Crusade - New Zealand Campervan Ultimate Tour

New Zealand Campervan Ultimate Trip – The Great Crusade Interviews

The Great Crusade - an Awesome New Zealand Campervan Trip for the Qantas Wallabies. Well, this is my last post about The Great Crusade. I had an awesome time thanks to Qantas, but all good things must ...
Whangerei Falls New Zealand

Whangarei Falls, New Zealand. Unusual Bikini Spot?

Whangerei Falls, New Zealand - What the Hell Photo! After a half day Sea Kayak trip, I checked out Whangerei Falls as part of The Great Crusade. It's a nice spot to visit and chill out for a while, and ...
Sea Kayak New Zealand

Kayak Tours in the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand. The Real, and Fake of It!

Kayak Tours - I'm awesome ballast! As part of The Great Crusade junket, we went on a cool NZ Seakayaking trip. This was good timing because I could feel my waistline expanding from the constant days ...