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Travel Videographer Interview with Tim Charody

Travel Videographer Interview - Tim Charody

Hey there, today I’ve got a video interview with Travel Videographer, Tim Charody. I met Tim on a recent trip to South Africa and I picked his brains on how all of us can try to have his awesome job! He’s based in Sydney, Australia but he’s usually out and about checking out some new […]

Volunteering Abroad – The Ugly Side and How to do it Ethically

Sarah Carroll - The Ethical Volunteer

Hey there! Today I’ve got an interview about Volunteering Abroad with Sarah Carroll who runs ‘The Ethical Volunteer‘. I featured her awesome Best Hardware Shop photo from Malawi. Anyway, she started this up because she was annoyed at how volunteer agencies profiteer from travellers and don’t funnel their funds to the local community to benefit […]

Climbing Mount Everest Interview with John Beede

Climbing Mount Everest - John Beede

Hey there Travel Tarters, today I’ve got an interview for the adrenalin junkies out there who are thinking about Climbing Mount Everest. I’ve got someone who has literally and figuratively reached that summit and done the monumental climb in Nepal, which is the highest mountain in the world at 8850 metres (or 29,035 feet). His […]

Head First & Extreme Tourist Interview with Sabour Bradley

Head First - Sabour Bradley

Hi there Travel Tarters, today I’ve got an interview with Sabour Bradley. Sabour is an award winning film maker and journalist from Australia who’s travelled around the world to make some great documentaries. He’s done some crazy s*(% in the past like audition for Afghanistan Idol, travelling across war torn borders with local fixers to […]

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