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Inca Trail Peru

Machu Picchu.. means..

Machu Picchu is probably one of the biggest, but most spectacular travel cliches in the world. It's at the end of the other big South American cliche which is popular on the gringo trail - that is, the ...
Eating Guinea Pigs In Peru

Eating Guinea Pigs in Peru – Weird Cuisine!

Eating Guinea Pigs - Like Eating Your Favourite Childhood Pet! Today's 'out there' travel photo is provided by Justin who runs True Nomads. It's about Eating Guinea Pigs in Cusco, Peru! You can follow ...
Travel Sights Frog Juice - Jugo de Rana

Travel Sights to make you Squirm – Frog Juice in Peru, Jugo de Rana

Bizarre Travel Sights - The Frog Juice/Jugo de Rana Stand in Arequipa, Peru Today's 'What the f&*$ is that?' travel photo are bizarre Travel Sights from John from - which is about a heap ...