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Palembang, Indonesia – Little Bangkok

Palembang, Indonesia – Mini Me Bangkok!

Before this trip to Indonesia, I had never heard of Palembang in South Sumatra.

I only know about it because I was told there was a large blogging community there called Wongkito.  They have been showing me around their city and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.Palembang shares many things in common with Bangkok.  It is a river city, and a lot of daily life occurs on the river called Sungai Musi.
Except unlike Bangkok, there aren’t loads of tourists here in Palembang.  And that’s why I like it!

Palembang, Indonesia – In Pictures

Wongkito commandeered a pumpboat for a leisurely cruise down the river to see what it’s all about.
Some of the Wongkito members are shown below:
Cruising down the river provides a great insight into the daily life of Palembang residents. I managed to take some great shots on the pump boat trip.  This is what happens on a typical day:
People taking public transport
Women doing the daily washing.
Men fishing
Ship maintenance
Loading and Unloading Goods
Checking out what the neighbours are doing
The thing is, I haven’t seen another foreigner here at all.  I’m not hassled to buy anything when I walk down the street.
I’m more of a curiosity here more than anything.  People look at me in the street because they obviously don’t see too many foreigners, or ‘bule’ (pronounced boo-lay) in Palembang.  But they all are friendly and say hello, and I like saying hello back.
In fact, people want me to have a photograph taken with them.
Like this:
If you are ever near Palembang, spend a couple of days here and check it out!

More Palembang Stuff

Air Asia have helped me get to Indonesia to experience this great trip.  You can do the same by going to their website and checking out their cheap airfares all over South East Asia.

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32 Responses to Palembang, Indonesia – Little Bangkok

  1. Ira says:

    you were a rock star, everybody want to be on the picture with you… you should come again next year, and we will show you more of Palembang…

  2. jafis says:

    nice post ..

    U are Rock ..

  3. Suzan says:

    wow… it’s really Palembang… I agree with Ira, you should come to Palembang again

  4. AdityaWirawan says:

    Great pictures sir. I hope Palembang can be more famous in the future. I am also member of wongkito, but i am working at oversea now. Nice to hear a good respon about Palembang from you sir.

  5. indahonly™ says:

    wakakakakka, you’re like a star, but a human ^_^

  6. podelz says:

    nice post… I Love Palembang, the environment, the foods, the rivers…hu hu..

  7. Au' says:

    I very like those photos, two thumbs up for U. Those pics really2 show Palembang with Musi River daily routinity. Thx for promoting our city :)

  8. hanny says:

    have fun in bandung, ant! *counting the days* :p

  9. arles says:

    hemmmmmmm Palembang,,,, it’s a good city we have…. so beautiful….. oh ya mr…. don’t forget your vocabulary…… ok?

  10. easy says:

    anthony.. *kamu harus berfikir keras mengartikan komentar saya* hehehe

    thanks untuk kunjungannya ke palembang. maaf dengan semua keterbatasan sarana dan prasarana selama kamu disana. tinggal di kost yang sempit, mandi dengan gayung di kamar mandi yang juga sempit, dan harus sikat gigi menggunakan air di bak yang aku tahu kamu gak suka… kkkkk… tapi kamu tetap menunjukkan tampang “manis” dengan semua kondisi itu.

    sungguh bule yang tauladan :)

    arles, rusli, rino, dan semua teman kost menitipkan salam buatmu..

  11. Dave and Deb says:

    Great post. Now I wish that we were flying into Sumatra before going to India. We haven’t been there before and your time there seems so incredible. Fantastic photos.

  12. Arie Goiq says:

    dont forget about geli geli sensation… hahahahaha

  13. pixie says:

    Great post!
    You look so happy and relaxed. I will have to come one day!

  14. Huang says:

    Anthony, I’ll translate comments from easy for you :)

    Thank you for visit to palembang. sorry with all the limitations of facilities and infrastructure for you there. live in a small house, a bath with a bucket in the bathroom which is also narrow, and should brush your teeth using water in the tub that I know you do not like. but you still show look “nice” with all the conditions.

    bule was a model:)

    Arles, rusli, rino, and all my friends left boarding greeting for you

    p.s : Glad to know you.

  15. Wahyu says:

    You are the star beyond those girls… Hahhhahaha

  16. Wahyu says:


    Is really Anthony a rock for you???


  17. Si Kurus says:

    foto2nya keren2

  18. dio says:

    trip to the kemaro island ?
    .-= dio´s last blog ..Sumbang Saran atau Saran Sumbang =-.

  19. xonket says:

    What a great post sir… the pic is very very intresting to the human life shown us the activity around the musi river. thx 4 promote our city to the world ;).. i’m member of too…

  20. anne says:

    The Musi river is magic and so are the people of Palembang.

  21. Garth Wayne says:

    Wow those pictures are fantastic! It must be strange living on water like that, I’d fall in all the time.
    .-= Garth Wayne´s last blog ..Why Single Men Can’t Go To Bangkok =-.

  22. annosmile says:

    nice place in sumatera island..
    next time i will go there…
    .-= annosmile´s last blog ..Beautiful Sunrise In Mount Penanjakan =-.

  23. Mike in Thailand says:

    Palembang look really interesting and looks different from Bangkok for sure.I wonder if there any nice hotels nearby.

  24. Koh Samui Aboriginal says:

    very good article, but when I read it, I thought that one country different people see differently, but i want know: i have a lot photo about Thailand, i here live more 5 years, if you want, i can send it’s photo for your blog

  25. raka says:

    i love palembang, espesialy for the pempek. it’s very delicious

  26. Jack says:

    Really enjoyed your photos, cheered me up here in cold, old Europe!

  27. bunga says:

    Nice foto saya suka bangat

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