Cocktail Recipes – Bespoke Unusual Drinks!

Rum Cocktails - Bitters and Love Singapore

As you would know, I’m pretty much a beer drinker. I spend my life trying to ingest the local brews of each place that I travel (see the shonky Beer Index!). I’m not really a spirits or cocktail kind of person, because I usually find that Cocktail Recipes are usually inconsistent between bar to bar, […]

No Bullshit Sign – Funny Cheap Hostel Slogan!

No Bullshit - Youth Hostel Funny Slogan

Today I have a funny travel photo about the meaning of ‘No Bullshit‘ from Melissa who runs¬†Where’s The Gos?¬†This is a travel blog that’s a bit out there because Melissa carries a cut out head of Ryan Gosling and places it near world landmarks, and often in compromising positions! It’s a bit silly, but hey, […]

Chinese Culture and Traditions – The Deathly Version!

Chinese Culture - Burning Paper

Probably one of the best things about travelling apart from eating yourself to death on the great food available is to learn how other cultures do things. The best thing about having these cultural differences is that it makes life interesting, and a lot of the time, I think it’s a great idea and try […]

Pig Intestines – Tasty Offal Recipe!

Pig Intestine Dishes

It’s weird food time again, and this time it’s a dish made from offal – specifically, pigs intestines! Travel often brings up some interesting dishes, as I think food and travel are so intertwined. Eating food (and lots of it) is one of the best things about travel. But that means you’ll come across some […]

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