Rum Bar and Fish and Chip Shop Fusion. Weird, or match made in heaven?

Fish and Chips

Sometimes when I go travelling, I come across some really weird combinations of things that make no sense to me at all, but when you actually give them a go, are a brilliant idea. As an example, I’ve tried Tea with Egg and Shaved Ice with Red Beans. These two drinks have ingredients that normally […]

Crime and Punishment. What’s worse?

Crime vs Punishment

If you’re ever in the Dubbo area of central New South Wales as part of a trip along the Newell Highway, it’s worth having a look at theĀ Old Dubbo Gaol once you’ve check out the animals at the Western Plains Zoo. The buildings and exhibits there show an interesting snapshot of the arduous prison life […]

The Generation Gap – Old Phone Test

Generation Gap - Old Phone Test

The Generation Gap. Oh so true! One thing that hasn’t changed throughout the ages is how different generations bitch about each other based on their habits and upbringing. Sometimes, one generation looks to another and just shakes their head, thinking ‘what the hell are they on about?’ Hence, this phenomenon is called the Generation Gap. […]

Travel Alerts – Warnings We’d Love To See!


There’s nothing like saving up for a few years to go on a once in a lifetime trip to then have your government foreign affairs department issue some alarming Travel Alerts or Travel Warnings to the very destination you are about to board the plane to. Sometimes there is an impending natural disaster or civil […]

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