Dress Fashion – Parachute Skirt at The Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Dress Fashion - Parachute Skirt

If you’re ever in Australia’s capital, Canberra, and you’re feeling a bit bored after viewing the magnificent Sheep Gynaecology statues in the centre of town, it’s worth taking a trip to the Australian War Memorial. There’s all sorts of stuff there, including some great exhibits from all of the conflicts that Australia has been involved […]

Penis Enlargement Cream – Funny Male Enhancement Advertisement!

penis enlargement cream

Today I have another humourous funny travel photo from Zambia from Sarah Carroll – this time, it’s about the wonderful powers of Penis Enlargement Cream! She’s sent me stuff like the People Always Complain Hardware Store in Malawi. As mentionedmany times before, Sarah runs The Ethical Volunteer. You can follow Sarah on Twitter @EthicalVol and on Facebook. Anyway, she keeps sending me […]

Food Art Presentation and Pictures – Vietnamese Style

Food Presentation

Today, I’ve got some unusual Food Art photos from Margie’s Vietnam Tours. They’ve sent me some cool photos from Vietnam previously like the overloaded motor scooter and buffalo rides, which is just a small sample of some of the unusual photos that you’ll come across on their tours. I haven’t been to Vietnam yet, but have […]

Smoking Area Sign – Don’t Speak in a Big Voice!

Big Voice

The progressive introduction of anti-tobacco laws have meant those addicted to the cancer sticks are always on the hunt for any designated Smoking Areas they can lay there hands on, where they can have a puff away without annoying the non-smokers out there. That means travelling smokers are finding it harder to find a place in many […]

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