Funny Money – The Australian Five Dollar Note Joke

Australian Five Dollar Note Joke

Okay, this one is definitely not politically correct. It’s about some Funny Money. But not the counterfeit stuff or the endless printing of U.S. Dollars by the American Government. No, this is a silly folding trick involving the Australian Five Dollar Note. The only reason I know about this silly joke is because some random […]

Stupid Jokes About Travel Bloggers

Dell Ultrabook XPS 13 Laptop

Okay, it’s time for some silly, corny and stupid jokes about travel bloggers again, because the whole travel blogging industry is still taking themselves way too seriously. I’ve compiled a list of more jokes poking fun at travel blogs and bloggers and dumped them into this post. This is a continuation from Travel Jokes For […]

Pub Crawl Time – Where The Hell is Quamby?

Pub Crawl

If you’re looking for an honest outback Australian Pub on a journey around Australia (let’s call this a continental pub crawl), one of the more unusual pubs out there is the Quamby Pub in north-west Queensland. The Quamby Pub is located on the road between the towns of Cloncurry and Normanton, which is in the […]

You Know That You’ve Been Living in Italy Too Long ..

Italian Map

Ahhh, Italy. There are so many things about it that I absolutely love about it. I love the passionate people, the delicious food, and the crazy variety and quality of the their brilliant but cheap wine. Plus there are few odd spectacular Roman ruins which give you a pretty good insight into civilisations that have […]

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