Percussion Instruments – The Plastic Drum Kit!


I’ve seen all sorts of street buskers in my travels around the world – some of the more weird ones include the people dressed up as all sorts of famous people in La Rambla, in Barcelona, Spain. Like the internet, busking is a numbers game. If you perform in a place with thousands of people […]

Uniqlo Australia – 20% off Discount Code For Australian Readers, thanks to me!

Uniqlo Logo

Hi there Travel Tarters. Today I have a discount code for you to celebrate the opening of UNIQLO stores within Australia – sorry, this is for Australian residents only, I wish I could spread the love further! Anyway, the short story is that UNIQLO Australia in conjunction with myself are offering readers of this silly […]

Asian Travel Tips and Techniques – The Multipurpose Scooter!

Masters of Transport and Logistics

Here is another one for entry into ‘Masters of Transport and Logistics’ that you can use on your next Asian Travel journey – how to transport almost anything on a scooter! And I mean, everything including literally the kitchen sink! Previous fantastic examples that have appeared on this silly website include the bucket seats, how […]

Chicken Head – Strange Food!


Okay, here’s one for people who like taking their appreciation of strange food from around the world that little bit too far – it’s the Chicken Head for lunch! I came across this squeamish dish when I travelled through Indonesia. Indonesian food is remarkable in terms of it’s diversity of flavours between different islands, and […]

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