Italian Australian Immigration Stories. Three Trunks and a Cardboard Case!

Three Trunks And A Cardboard Case

Here’s an article with a personal bent. It’s an Italian Australian immigration story which involves leaving everything you know and moving half way around the world to a place that you don’t know at all, and sometimes, have only just heard of! It’s the story about how one side of my family decided to take […]

Jet Lag Symptoms and Recovery – The Shonky Version

Flight Radar 24 Map - US Europe Air Traffic

Jet Lag is one of those First World Problems related to travel that people suffer when they decide to cross a few time zones to feed their travel addiction. It’s something I experience all the time because any flight out of Australia is always a long one, and almost always involves the change of a […]

The GMAX Extreme Swing. More Crap Your Pants Adventure!

GMAX Extreme Swing

I’m a bit of a sucker for trying to explode my adrenal glands when travelling. Previous experiences that would have probably tested my shonky travel insurance policies include mountain biking down the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia, throwing myself off the world’s highest bungy swing, and micro lighting over Victoria Falls. The latest addition […]

Cocktail Recipes – Bespoke Unusual Drinks!

Rum Cocktails - Bitters and Love Singapore

As you would know, I’m pretty much a beer drinker. I spend my life trying to ingest the local brews of each place that I travel (see the shonky Beer Index!). I’m not really a spirits or cocktail kind of person, because I usually find that Cocktail Recipes are usually inconsistent between bar to bar, […]

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