Giant’s Causeway of Australia – Sawn Rocks

Pentagonal Rocks - Mt Kaputar National Park

After you’ve learnt how to interrupt the essential service that are radio telescopes, you can visit the spectacular Mount Kaputar National Park near Narrabri, which is a  nice detour off the Newell Highway. One of the more striking features of the park are Sawn Rocks – which is a bizarre rock formation that was formed […]

Radio Telescopes. How to Take Them Out!

Radio Telescopes

The Newell Highway has everything for those who are right into their Radio Telescopes. Many have heard of the Parkes Radio Telescope which was made famous by the movie,  The Dish. But further up the highway, near the town of Narrabri, is the CSIRO Compact Array – a bunch of about 6 radio telescopes that slide […]

Tree of Life – Amazing Pottery Creation

Tree of Life

In all sorts of writings, the Tree of Life has been used as a symbol the interconnection of everything living that exists on Planet Earth. It has been represented in all sorts of mythologies and cultures for thousands of years. When I did a trip along the Newell Highway in central New South Wales, Australia, I came […]

Madventures Interview with Riku and Tunna

Madventures - Riku and Tunna

Hey there Travel Tarters. Today I’ve got an interview with Riku Rantala and Tuomas ‘Tunna’ Milonoff from the really cool and out there television series called ‘Madventures‘ which is shown on the Travel Channel. These Finnish guys do ‘real’ backpacking – and definitely re-define the term ‘off the beaten path’. They do all sorts of […]

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