Ramazan’s ‘Romantic’ Jeep Safaris and Tours. The most bizarre (and fun) trip I’ve been on.


Previously, I wrote about Kadir’s Tree Houses in Olympos, Turkey which is a favourite among many backpackers on the Turkish trail because it’s a great place to chill out and do sod all. I was there quite a while ago, but at the time, I went on some Jeep Safaris and Tours that were associated […]

Aircraft Passenger Seat Types – The Worst Ones To Sit Next To!

Premium Class Seats - Air Asia

I love travelling. I don’t mind the long haul flights out of Australia, because I’m looking forward to the destination at the other end. But sometimes, the plane trip can become less than desirable due to the potential passengers that might be sitting next to you, and that you have no over control of especially […]

You Know That You’ve Been Living in China Too Long When…

Living In China - Chinese Flag

China – the most insanely developing economy of the past 30 years. I say it’s capitalism at it’s most extreme. The way this country has rocketed to be the second largest economy in the world after the United States is series of mind boggling numbers in terms of construction and development. Because of this crazy […]

Windiest Road in Australia – The Gilles Highway

Atlas Mountains - Road Near Marrakech

Feel like making someone you don’t like a bit car sick? First, tell them that you’re going to drive them on this road.. Say you’re just joking, and then take them up or down the¬†windiest road in Australia! Along with a few spew bags! If you’re wondering where this road is – it’s the called […]

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