Syphilis Treatments for it’s Symptoms – Combined with International Shoe Repair!

Funny Syphilis Treatments and Symptoms Sign

Today I have another piece of gold from Sarah Carroll. She’s sent me stuff like the People Always Complain Hardware Store in Malawi. But today she has a photo highlighting the talents of Dr Mulilanji who specialises in Syphilis Treatments combined with International Shoe Repair! As mentioned before, Sarah runs The Ethical Volunteer. You can follow […]

Apartheid Laws in South Africa. The Museum and The Funny Side

Apartheid Museum Johannesburg South Africa

Apartheid Laws are now a long gone part of history – but they are still within my living memory. I remember watching the momentous occasion when F.W. De Klerk announced that Nelson Mandela was being released from prison in 1990, and then the removal of Apartheid proper a couple of years after that. These days, […]

You Know That You’ve Been Living In Australia Too Long When..

Rooftop Bars and Pubs Sydney Australia

I’m all about equality here. If I’m going to poke fun at other countries, I’m going to poke fun at my own. Hence, this silly list of points about You Know That You’ve Been Living in Australia for Too Long When… This follows up a satirical piece of You Know You’ve Been Living in The […]

Funny Cake: RIP Diet from Neighbourgoods Market

Funny Cake - RIP Diet

It’s Funny Cake time! I like it when entrepreneurs become creative when they are selling their products. And cake sellers have joined the bandwagon on this one so that their product goes walking out the door and your hard earned money ends up in their wallets! I was walking around the Neighbourgoods Market in central Johannesburg […]

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