Red Light District Tips! How To Get In (And Out) Of A Parisian Brothel

Red Light District Tips

Today, I’ve got some Red Light District Tips about Paris from Claire, who runs Traveltio! Her bio says – ‘I’m a self-confessed travel nut. I’ve been travelling around the world since my mum farewelled me in a teary goodbye and I haven’t looked back since. You can read all about my adventures through 48 cities […]

Train Travel Journeys – The Brown Underpants Version

Giru - Haughton River in flood

Train travel is something that avid journey type people have done at some time to get from point A to B. In fact, they are often iconic journeys that are on a bucket list, such as the Trans Siberian railway, or the Rocky Mountaineer. I had a train trip in Morocco that was scheduled to […]

Create Your Own Superhero – Batman bin Suparman!

Create Your Own Superhero - Batman bin Suparman

Here is possibly the best passport photo and/or name of all time! There’s nothing like having an unusual name. Not only can it lead to bullying during your school years, but if you end up being a regular traveller, you are sure to be the butt of numerous jokes via the customs officials who see […]

Sheep Shagger – It’s Beer, not Bestiality!

Sheep Shagger

It’s time for a funny beer name and label again! One thing that I’ve noticed when I’ve tried to consume beers around the world, that I often come across a few that look or sound funny – intentionally, or unintentionally! There have been a few unusually named beers that have graced this silly travel blog. […]

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