CNN Live News Fail – Don’t Believe Everything You See!

CNN Live News Fail

Nobody’s perfect. Including the people who think they are! We often rely on the news, both traditional and new media, to find out what’s going on in the world. And with the pressure for news services to get the news out as soon as possible, there are always going to be the strong possibility of […]

Crocodile Costumes – My New Travel Gimmick?


I have a strange friend. Let’s call him Kevin. I’ve known him for ages. Actually, most of my life! We actually went to pre-school together. I also went to high school with him! And we’ve shared a few big nights together that have ended up in a bit of debauchery. He has a quirky sense […]

Conversation Exchange Areas – BEERNBULLSHITCORNER!

Conversation Exchange Area

Here’s another attention grabbing sign! There’s nothing like communal conversation exchange areas to get a chat going whilst you’re downing a bit of a brew, or sometimes wine! And almost always, having a few drinks gets the conversation going, and sometimes it’s great, and sometimes, the tales that come out of some people’s mouths border […]

Ladies Leather Handbag Review – From A Man’s Perspective!

Ladies Leather Handbag

Less is more! And nothing could be closer to the truth when it comes to travel luggage and accessories. When going out and about, either at home or on the road, there’s always a delicate balance to bring the things you need and the eliminate the stuff you think you need but don’t. I can’t […]

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