Tacky Tourist Photos. Stupid, or Rite of Passage?

Tacky Tourist Photos

How many times have you been to a Tourist Trap around the world, only to see a flood of people/tourists posing in all sorts of weird ways to be captured in a photograph so it can be posted to their Facebook page within minutes? That’s right, welcome to the world of Tacky Tourist Photos! This […]

Mountain Biking Photos from ‘Death Road’!

Downhill Mountain Bikes

I was digging around on my computer the other day when I came across some old pics of when I did some Mountain Biking down ‘the World’s most dangerous road’, which is the La Paz to Coroico road in Bolivia. This was one of the best things I’ve done travelling, even though I was mentally […]

David Boon Shirts – Boony


David Boon (affectionately known as ‘Boony‘!) is one of Australia’s most popular cricket players ever. He was the product of a bygone era when cricket players used to drink and smoke and still perform well on the cricket field! Well, this tactic must have worked for Boony because he scored over 7,000 runs in test […]

South Australia – Things I’d Like To Do There!

Great White Shark Cage Diving

Here is a gratuitous attempt to score another trip somewhere that’s away from where I live! Europcar Australia were silly enough to ask me to see if I was interested in entering the Detour competition to try and score a trip to SA (not South Africa – South Australia!). I haven’t seen much of this […]

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