Japanese to English Translation Fail – Pass the Sauce!

Engrish Funny - Pass The Sauce

One thing I was expecting a lot of from my G Adventures trip to Japan (see more at the G Adventures site) truckloads of Japanese to English Translation Fails, or basically, a lot of Funny Engrish – that is, the funny signs that come up when the native language doesn’t quite translate as it should into the ‘Queen’s English’. […]

Airlie Beach in Queensland Australia – Tropical Island Chill Out Time!

Airlie Beach Queensland Australia

Airlie Beach is a popular stop in Queensland on the east coast backpacker trail in Australia – which runs from Cairns down to Melbourne. It’s the main land access point to the Whitsunday Islands which are well known to cater for everyone from backpackers to the rich and famous who sometimes decide to park their […]

You Know That You’ve Been Living in The United States Too Long When..

Living In United States - Country Flag

I really enjoy travelling to the United States – I’ve had a great time on every trip there. That’s because I find it extremely diverse and multi-faceted when you go from city to city and the place is nothing like the movies or television shows. So many stereotypes are busted every time I go there and […]

Seadoo Jet Ski Tours – Rhymes with..

Jet Ski Tours

If you’ve managed to survive a Great Barrier Reef Scenic Flight after boozing too much at Airlie Beach, you can also board a Seadoo Jet Ski with Whitsunday Jet Ski Tours to test how tolerant your guts are after a big night!  This was the second time I had been on a Jet Ski, after doing […]

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