Chicken Head – Strange Food!


Okay, here’s one for people who like taking their appreciation of strange food from around the world that little bit too far – it’s the Chicken Head for lunch! I came across this squeamish dish when I travelled through Indonesia. Indonesian food is remarkable in terms of it’s diversity of flavours between different islands, and […]

World’s Highest Bungy Swing – How To Crap Your Pants On It!

Video thumbnail for youtube video World's Highest Bungy Swing | The Travel Tart Blog

Here’s one for the thrill seekers out there who want to test out the validity of their travel insurance – it’s the world’s highest bungy swing! It’s at Oribi Gorge in the Kwazulu Natal region in South Africa, near the city of Durban. Here is a stupid photo of yours truly in mid air trying […]

Vergina – Funny Greek Beer Name!

Vergina Greek Beer

‘And would you like a Vergina?’ I really struggled not to laugh at the waitress when she asked me if I wanted to drink this funny sounding Greek Beer! Even though she prounounced it as ‘Veer-geee-na’, my brain was playing tricks on me when I saw the following beer label being presented in front of […]

Chef Matt Golinski Interview and Raw Chicken Livers!

Matt Golinski

Continuing on with the Food and Travel theme, as well as catching up with Sally Lynch at the Hampton Festival, I also talked to another famous Australian celebrity chef called Matt Golinski. He’s appeared on all sorts of cooking television programs like Ready Steady Cook and he has his own restaurant in a place called Noosa, which […]

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