What’s the Cricket Score? This Guy Doesn’t Care!

Video thumbnail for youtube video What's The Cricket Score? | The Travel Tart Blog

Summer is always synonymous with the English invented game called cricket. This, in turn with summer holidays, is a mixture where not much really happens on the work front and much of the time is playing cricket with your friends in the backyard or on the beach, whilst drinking a few cold beers on a […]

Road Trains – Large Burger Transport!

Cow Transport

Road trains are probably one of the most spectacular vehicle sights in the world. They involve a truck pulling multiple trailers behind it (that is, two or a lot more!), transporting all sorts of things over long distances in the outback. They move things from livestock and general freight to and can weigh up to […]

Tacky Tourist Photos. Stupid, or Rite of Passage?

Tacky Tourist Photos

How many times have you been to a Tourist Trap around the world, only to see a flood of people/tourists posing in all sorts of weird ways to be captured in a photograph so it can be posted to their Facebook page within minutes? That’s right, welcome to the world of Tacky Tourist Photos! This […]

Mountain Biking Photos from ‘Death Road’!

Downhill Mountain Bikes

I was digging around on my computer the other day when I came across some old pics of when I did some Mountain Biking down ‘the World’s most dangerous road’, which is the La Paz to Coroico road in Bolivia. This was one of the best things I’ve done travelling, even though I was mentally […]

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