How To Make A Paracord Bracelet – From A Watch!

Waterproof Cases

There are all sorts of survival shows out there that show a number of skills of how to get away in situations that usually mean almost certain death for other mere mortals. This includes stuff like ‘How To Make A Paracord Bracelet‘, which is a survival type bracelet that some people wear around, just in […]

G20 Countries – What I’d Like Them To Chat About at the Summit!

G20 Countries Summit - Brisbane

Silly season is about to start – the G20 summit in Brisbane will happen in a couple of days where the leaders of the world’s 20 biggest economies will sit down for a big talk fest to chat about loads of world issues in depth so that nothing will probably be done about them! ;P […]

Microsoft Windows – The Amsterdam Version!

Microsoft Windows

Okay, it’s funny T-shirt time again. This time, it’s a Microsoft Windows parody that I’m sure didn’t land on the desk of Bill Gates for his personal approval! Actually, Bill would probably have a laugh at this in his nerdy voice if he came across it! He might even have this T-shirt in his personal […]

Brazilian Waxes For Men – The Boyzilian

Male Waxes

Okay, here is one for the people out there who hate their own body hair (and maybe everyone else’s) – it’s a list of hair removal and Brazilian Waxes ┬áthat are available to rid oneself of the hair where you don’t really want it! Here is an extensive menu of hair removal options that I […]

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