How To Advertise Beer and Travel Without Being In Your Face!

Someplace Else

Corona Extra presents Someplace Else Here is one for the Beer Index, which is my shonky list of the cost of travelling in the places I’ve been to based on the price of beer per litre. Anyway, this is in regards of the clever Someplace Else campaign which has been released by Corona Extra. I like how […]

How To Cook Food Underground

Underground Food and Cooking - Fiji Lovo Meal Feast

I reckon one of the best things about travelling is chowing down on a tonne of food. A while back, I checked out some ‘underground cooked food‘ in Fiji and had to check myself in as excess baggage on the flight home! This is where they use an unusual method to cook up a storm […]

Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina – a great place to chill your six pack of beer


If you want to score a really great ice fix, this is the Perito Moreno Glaicer, in the Patagonia Region of Argentina. It’s quite an impressive large piece of ice for those who like their water frozen. And for me, this would be a great excuse to see how long a six pack of beer […]

Aviation Safety – The Russian Planes Version

Russian Planes

If you ever go travelling to Russia or any other former Soviet Union country, chances are, sooner or later – you’re more than likely going to have to fly on an old rust bucket Russian Plane to get to somewhere because of the huge distances involved. And depending on what you board, god knows what […]

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