Passport Photos We’d Love To See!


Probably one of the worst photos that someone will ever take of you will be your passport photo. Passport photos are much maligned by travellers everywhere because most people think ‘that doesn’t look like me at all’. And that’s pretty much right! I don’t know anyone who likes their passport photo! Like my interview regarding […]

Singapore Hotels – Places To Stay in the Switzerland of Asia!

Singapore Hotels

Many people stop through Changi Airport in Singapore on their way to somewhere else in the world, but as I’ve mentioned in my article about 10 weird things to do in Singpore, this south east Asian financial powerhouse often known as the ‘Switzerland of Asia’ (I think this is an economic reference, not anything to […]

Hairstyles for Men – the Mobile Tent Version!

Hairdressing Salon

I guess one of the dead certainties of life apart from death and taxes is that now and then, you will need some sort of a haircut. Even if you have dreadlocks, there’s going to be a time where scissors are going to go somewhere near your head. It’s a pretty universal thing, the haircut, […]

Ryan Gosling’s Head – Goes Everywhere!

Ryan Gosling Head

It’s time to feature another silly travel blog besides mine! It’s run by Melissa and it’s called Where’s The Gos? The reason why Where’s The Gos is a silly travel blog is because as part of her travels, Melissa carries a card board cut out head of popular Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling and places it near world […]

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