South Africa News Humour – Telling It Like it Is!

Taxi Spare Parts

Here is an article about satire which relates to a very funny cartoonist who has a sharp wit for telling things as they really are. I love satirical cartoonists. In Australia, we take it for granted that we have creative individuals who are allowed to take the piss out of our politicians without the fear […]

Bunch Of Flowers – How To Keep Them Fresh!

Bunch of Flowers - How to Keep Fresh

Today I have a funny travel photo of a nice bunch of flowers that was sent in to me by Joe who runs I Want To Go There. You can also follow him on Facebook. Joe says ‘I have had the travel bug since 1996. First trip to Quebec City, Canada. Since then several countries […]

Fresh Meat Market Mayhem!

Fresh Meat Market

I like a big steak now and then. There’s nothing like have a large chunk of fresh meat being barbecued over hot wood coals. Sure, it makes one feel like a caveman, but it makes me feel very satisfied afterwards! I love having a long siesta after a big feed and a couple of beers. […]

10 Weird Things To Do In Queensland!

Mission Beach after Cyclone Yasi

When people think of going to Australia for a trip, the first things they think of are Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback. Believe me, if you just spend time in Sydney and think you’ve seen Australia, you’re completely misguided. There’s a whole lot of country out there to explore! I’ve lived here […]

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