Flight Delays – How To Amuse Yourself at the Airport!

Airport People

It’s First World Problems time again! It’s for those of us who like to whine at the superficial problems that people in the first world have to deal with all of the time, like running out of shampoo in the middle of the shower and having crap wi-fi so bad that it takes at least […]

Spam Comments – You’ll Never Get This Time Back!


Spam Comments! There’s nothing like running a website and coming across this kind of word crap that you need to eliminate. Actually, it’s not that bad these days. With in built spam filters etc, this sort of stuff goes straight into a folder that I never usually look at. A lot of the time, it’s […]

CNN Live News Fail – Don’t Believe Everything You See!

CNN Live News Fail

Nobody’s perfect. Including the people who think they are! We often rely on the news, both traditional and new media, to find out what’s going on in the world. And with the pressure for news services to get the news out as soon as possible, there are always going to be the strong possibility of […]

Crocodile Costumes – My New Travel Gimmick?


I have a strange friend. Let’s call him Kevin. I’ve known him for ages. Actually, most of my life! We actually went to pre-school together. I also went to high school with him! And we’ve shared a few big nights together that have ended up in a bit of debauchery. He has a quirky sense […]

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