Sheep Shagger – It’s Beer, not Bestiality!

Sheep Shagger

It’s time for a funny beer name and label again! One thing that I’ve noticed when I’ve tried to consume beers around the world, that I often come across a few that look or sound funny – intentionally, or unintentionally! There have been a few unusually named beers that have graced this silly travel blog. […]

Rick Stein Interview – From Venice To Istanbul!

Rick Stein Seafood Recipes

Woo hoo, I’ve landed a quick chat with famous celebrity chef, Rick Stein! Rick has produced a truckload of cook books and presented in many television programs which are themed around food and travel – especially seafood! His restaurants have won him a host of awards, accolades and fans. As well as presenting a number […]

Vegemite – You Either Love It Or Hate It!

Vegemite Jar

Vegemite is an Australian food icon. ¬†You’ll find a jar of it in almost every kitchen in the country. Even though it’s not Australian owned anymore, it’s almost part of the staple diet for many people, just like bread and milk! But there are some people who are a bit polarised when it comes to […]

The Mile High Club – How To Join It!

Mile High Club - Airlines

Probably one of the biggest holy grails for horny travellers is becoming a member of the ‘Mile High Club’ – that is, being able to carry out the amorous act of sexual intercourse on a plane, usually in the rather unromantic place of the aircraft toilets. It’s like taking public sex to new heights, pardon […]

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