Unusual Things To Do In Peru – including erotic pottery!

Things To Do In Peru

Today I have an article from Max about the weird things to do in Peru. That’s apart from drinking frog juice, eating guinea pig, and of course, Macchu Picchu nicknames! Here it is! Crazy Beautiful: the light and strange sides of things to do in Peru! Peru is a beautiful country full of culture and […]

Airline News – When The Media Gets It Really Wrong!

Airline News - Funny

Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you hear! Just remember that sound advice when you check out any sort of news, including the Airline News! Today’s silly article is about how the media can really get something wrong when they don’t check their facts – or use their common sense! In […]

Why Social Media Can Suck The Pus For Travel! The Anti Social Media Article!

Social Media Marketing

Today’s article is a little bit ironic! Yes, this website, and any other blog in the world tends to have social media accounts associated with it which all support each other and churn out content to the ever increasing and bloated internet – which never seems to end! That’s right, if you’ve seen this post […]

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Photos – The Politically Incorrect Version…

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

If you travel around to any tourist trap in the world – that is, any place that becomes invaded by hordes camera wielding humans during tourist season who act in a sheep like fashion around a particular icon (including posing with friends), you are destined to view, or undertake yourself, a number of silly poses […]

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