Manscaping While Travelling: When, Where, and How!

Learn How to Shave

Today I’ve got a post about ‘Manscaping‘ whilst travelling – keeping yourself well groomed and trimmed when you’re on the road. It’s from Wesley, who is the owner of – a website where men, beards, and manscaping THRIVE! If you would like to see more from Wesley checkout iManscape or like their page on Facebook. Plus check out […]

Spring Chickens – The Cambodian Food Option…

Spring Chickens - Cambodian Food

Chicken is probably the world’s most consumed meat – especially young, fresh Spring Chickens! That’s because it’s pretty cheap, and easy to ‘farm’. You’ll see them as a staple food source from all over the world. From the free range village variety to the mass produced western version, chickens definitely make the world go round […]

The Bone Church from Portugal. Go Fetch…


If you’re looking for something a bit eerie, but fascinating, there’s nothing quite checking out the Bone Church, which is located in the Portuguese town of Evora. Far from being a place where dogs like to drool, the Bone Church – otherwise known as Capela dos Ossos (The Chapel of Bones in English) is one […]

German Swear Words, Slang and Expletives!

German Swear Words, Slang and Expletives

It’s another ‘how to learn another language time’. This time, it’s about learning some of the funny German Swear Words, Slang and Expletives that are out there in linguistic land! I mean, they’re the only words that you really need to know apart from hello, please, goodbye, thank you and beer. It’s the language that […]

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