Windiest Road in Australia – The Gilles Highway

Atlas Mountains - Road Near Marrakech

Feel like making someone you don’t like a bit car sick? First, tell them that you’re going to drive them on this road.. Say you’re just joking, and then take them up or down the¬†windiest road in Australia! Along with a few spew bags! If you’re wondering where this road is – it’s the called […]

Funny Memes for Travel

Funny Memes - Travel

The Funny Memes¬†that have been created by silly types out there in internet land seem to be there for the attention deficit types out there who want a quick laugh without thinking about the subject matter too much (see Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme). These funny memes are usually generated […]

Six Degrees of Separation – When it Becomes One!

Six Degrees of Separation Concept

The theory of Six Degrees of Separation is that everything you want and anyone you want to meet are only six steps or six people away. Or otherwise, it’s the saying ‘it’s a small world’ – especially in this day and age of globalisation and the internet. As an example of this, I’ve been on […]

If Google Ruled Everything Related to Travel

Google Travel Official Image

Ahh, Google. The Big G. The world’s most popular and frequently visited website. Since it’s humble beginnings in the late 1990’s, Google has come to dominate the world in pretty much everything related to cyberspace and the internet. In fact, the term ‘just Google it’ is now ingrained in the vernacular and in every language […]

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