Flight Status Updates We’d Love To See!

Flight Status Updates - Funny

I love airports. That’s because I know that when I get through check in and security, I’m about to board the ‘freedom bird’ to somewhere that’s new and is about to stimulate my senses. Anything to take me away from the fluorescent prison called the office! But when I’m at the airport, I can’t help […]

Claustrophobic? Don’t go down the Underground Mine at Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, South Africa


Gold Reef City is a theme park with a bit of a difference – it’s a touristy, former underground gold mine transformed into a theme park, complete with water slides, gold-pouring and a 200 metre chilly mine shaft. It is literally located across the road from the very interesting Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa. […]

Unusual Backpackers Hostels – Kadirs Tree Houses in Turkey


If you’re looking for some alternative backpackers hostels to crash in on any round the world trip that are a little bit unusual, Kadirs is one of those hostels that are hard to forget. Kadir’s is  located at the small Mediterranean town of Olympos, in Turkey.  It’s been there for ages (for a very good reason!) […]

Japanese to English Translation Fail – Pass the Sauce!

Engrish Funny - Pass The Sauce

One thing I was expecting a lot of from my G Adventures trip to Japan (see more at the G Adventures site) truckloads of Japanese to English Translation Fails, or basically, a lot of Funny Engrish – that is, the funny signs that come up when the native language doesn’t quite translate as it should into the ‘Queen’s English’. […]

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