Chef Matt Golinski Interview and Raw Chicken Livers!

Matt Golinski

Continuing on with the Food and Travel theme, as well as catching up with Sally Lynch at the Hampton Festival, I also talked to another famous Australian celebrity chef called Matt Golinski. He’s appeared on all sorts of cooking television programs like Ready Steady Cook and he has his own restaurant in a place called Noosa, which […]

Travel Gear Giveaway – Men’s Travel Pants from Bluffworks!

Bluffworks Logo

Today it’s giveaway time – I’ve got some Travel Gear to giveaway to whoever is silly enough to read this blog! It’s a pair of very cool Men’s Travel Pants from Bluffworks. These travel pants are a bit different from your normal travel gear like cargo pants that you might trash on your round the […]

How To Find Cheap Flight Tickets. The Stupid Way.

South Pole Travel - Cheap Antarctica Flights

Pretty much every self proclaimed ‘travel hacker’ or ‘travel guru’ has dribbled on some crap on how to find the cheapest flight tickets and reasons behind them. Things like spending a whole day on every airline comparison website checking out different times and dates for flights, and different booking origins just so you can save […]

Food and Travel Interview with Sally Lynch, and Eating Whale Sperm

Sally Lynch

By far, one of the best things about travelling around to different parts of the world is chomping down on the local food that is around the place (or Food Travel!). I tend to let myself go a bit because I pretty much want to try anything my stomach can lay it’s lining on, even […]

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