10 Weird Things To Do In Queensland!

Mission Beach after Cyclone Yasi

When people think of going to Australia for a trip, the first things they think of are Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback. Believe me, if you just spend time in Sydney and think you’ve seen Australia, you’re completely misguided. There’s a whole lot of country out there to explore! I’ve lived here […]

Sponsored Posts and Other Silly Advertising Requests From The Travel Industry!

Travel Blogging Business Meme

The reason I run this silly travel blog is because I love the great opportunities that come from it. I’ve had so many great experiences that I never thought were possible. But with that yin, must come a yang. When your stuff is out in the online space, this presents opportunities for unsolicited emails from […]

Fart Juice – I’ll Drink One Please!


It’s FART JUICE time! No, I’m not talking releasing a large amount of intestinal gas to the point where you follow through just that little bit too much¬†and are¬†wearing the brown underpants! It’s actually funny drink name time! And this one is from Poland in eastern Europe. I’d put this one in the same category […]

Boating Jokes and Funny Boat Names!

Super Yachts - Ultra Rich Travel

One thing that many punters do when travelling (including myself) is hopping on board a boat and hopefully not bringing up the entire contents of their stomach if they go out on a boat trip of some kind – for example, fishing for yellowfin tuna, or going for a boat trip to some tropical island […]

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