Drag Race – with Drag Queens!

Drag Race

Today I have an article from Bryan Richards about theĀ Great Conch Republic Drag Race in Key West, Florida. This isn’t exactly a race involving high octane performance from souped up cars! It’s about an experience Bryan’s dad seemed to enjoy on a visit to Key West! Bryan runs The Wandering Gourmand, which is a travel […]

Tripadvisor – Funny Reviews We’d Love to See!

Tripadvisor Funny Reviews

Tripadvisor is one of the most popular travel review websites out there. You can pretty much find a review on any bit of accommodation out there on the planet before you take off on your trip.   In regards to the accuracy of the reviews, from a consumer point of view, I usually find TripAdvisor […]

Flowrider – Wave Machine on the back of a Cruise Ship!

Wave Machine

I’m not really the cruising type – I’ve never actually been on one, but I find these large heavy metal beasts that float in the water without sinking pretty fascinating anyway. Cruising is still going nuts around the world, and there are myriad of options and locations where cruise ships visit. But it’s not just […]

What’s the Cricket Score? This Guy Doesn’t Care!

Video thumbnail for youtube video What's The Cricket Score? | The Travel Tart Blog

Summer is always synonymous with the English invented game called cricket. This, in turn with summer holidays, is a mixture where not much really happens on the work front and much of the time is playing cricket with your friends in the backyard or on the beach, whilst drinking a few cold beers on a […]

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