Sustainable Tourism – What it Really Means!

Sustainable Tourism

In the last decade or so, the terms ‘sustainable tourism‘, ‘eco tourism’ or ‘green travel’ have popped up a lot (when I mean green travel, I’m talking about environmental issues here, not green grass in Nimbin or growing weed in Amsterdam) – relating to how the world can handle the increased numbers of travellers circulating […]

Duct Tape Uses – Fixing an Aeroplane!

Duct Tape Uses

Apart from underwear, I think Duct Tape should be an essential item that every traveller should stuff into their backpack. This essential invention has been used to repair pretty much anything that is broken. It’s versatility is unquestioned! It’s so strong, that it will hold anything together but it’s so easy to tear off the […]

Ultimate Bucket Lists for Travel – The Silliest One Ever!

Zanzibar Beach

One big tend in travel blogs is people publicly showing their Bucket Lists for travel – that is, the destinations and experiences around the world they want to indulge in before the breathe their last breath and leave the planet. This concept was probably made popular by the movie of the same name starring Morgan […]

Machu Picchu.. means..

Inca Trail Peru

Machu Picchu is probably one of the biggest, but most spectacular travel cliches in the world. It’s at the end of the other big South American cliche which is popular on the gringo trail – that is, the four day, thirty kilometre walk called the Inca Trail. That is, if you can actually score a […]

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