Greek Mythology – The Trojan Horse. In Someone’s Front Yard…

Greek Mythology

When one goes to the amazing country of Turkey, it’s almost mandatory to visit the ancient city of Troy on Turkey’s western coastline, just because it’s captured the imagination of millions of people around the world because of the Greek Mythology story accompanying it. That’s probably thanks to the Troy movie which stars Brad Pitt […]

Reality Trip Interview – The TV Show About The Third World That Bites!

Tondo Slum Philippines

Hi there Travel Tarters, today I have a chat with Laurie Clarke, an Executive Producer with Top Shelf Productions who produced the television documentary series called ‘Reality Trip‘. Have you ever thought about where the stuff you buy comes from and how it’s produced? You probably won’t want to if you watch this eye opening […]

Travel Safety – Things You Do Overseas That You Don’t Do At Home!

comeback alive

One thing that travel does to many people (especially solo travellers) is that it makes you do things that you just normally wouldn’t do at home. That’s right, once the confidence has built up to a certain high level, this can lead to undertaking all sorts of risky activities like bungee jumping, riding in unroadworthy […]

Spanish Swear Words, Slang and Expletives

Spanish Swear Words

Today, it’s Spanish Swear Words time! Inevitably, when you start learning a new language, you’re going to start speaking the slang or expletive expressions because that’s what the locals do! I think some of the first Spanish words I learnt were slang, thanks to some friends from Barcelona that I met in Africa. They were […]

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