Unusual Swimming Pools of the World – The Stinger Net!

Unusual Swimming Pools

Ever wondered what it’s like to swelter on a hot day, but not be able to swim in the ocean because if you did, it would kill you? That’s right, seeing this lovely tropical scene but knowing that you couldn’t go in? Welcome to my childhood! I grew up in Far Northern Australia, in the […]

Big Statues – The Large Captain James Cook!

Big Statues

Here is another thing to add to the list of ‘Big Things In Australia’. It’s the Big Captain James Cook! Ahoy there landlubbers! As a quick history lesson, Captain Cook was an English explorer who sailed to all sorts of remote places around the world in the 1700s. He had the first recorded European contact […]

The Man In The High Castle… Literally!

Bizarre Homes

Ever cruised around a town or a city, and spotted a piece of bizarre architecture and thought to yourself ‘What The $*%& is That?’ You know, coming across a building where you thought the architect must have been puffing on a few joints to come up with such an outlandish idea? Well, I had one […]

Greek Mythology – The Trojan Horse. In Someone’s Front Yard…

Greek Mythology

When one goes to the amazing country of Turkey, it’s almost mandatory to visit the ancient city of Troy on Turkey’s western coastline, just because it’s captured the imagination of millions of people around the world because of the Greek Mythology story accompanying it. That’s probably thanks to the Troy movie which stars Brad Pitt […]

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