Waste Management Services – Funny Guarantee Sign!


There’s nothing like a business that is so confident with how well they run the show, that they’re willing to give back double what you asked for if you’re not satisfied with the product or service for whatever reason that might be. That’s an awesome promise for unscrupulous types who are looking for any excuse […]

Best Infographics for Travel. How they really work!

Best Infographic - Travel

Sometimes, I really don’t understand some public relations types. I often receive random emails from them out of nowhere wanting me to share their ‘best infographics for travel‘ on my social media channels for free publicity – all for nothing in return! Usually, I haven’t heard from these people before, and I probably won’t ever […]

Life Quotes – What Is The Meaning of Life?

Borobodur Temple Indonesia - The Travel Tart

Behind every action, there is always a motive. We don’t do things for the hell of it. We do things because of something driving us. Want to know why I’ll find any excuse to travel and dump myself into any great experience head first? Well read on, and you’ll find out! It’s a pretty damn […]

Sustainable Tourism – What it Really Means!

Sustainable Tourism

In the last decade or so, the terms ‘sustainable tourism‘, ‘eco tourism’ or ‘green travel’ have popped up a lot (when I mean green travel, I’m talking about environmental issues here, not green grass in Nimbin or growing weed in Amsterdam) – relating to how the world can handle the increased numbers of travellers circulating […]

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