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Snowfall Amounts – I Love Big Dumps!


It’s silly T-shirt time again, and on this occasion, it’s about a double play on words regarding Snowfall Amounts for the ski tragics out there who can’t get enough of the white stuff! And I’m not talking about hard narcotics either! One of my friends shares my passion for funny t-shirts that make people at […]

Beer Stores of the World – The ‘World’s Steepest Pub’

Home Pub

There’s nothing like a cold beer on a hot day. I even have a page on this silly website devoted to the Beer Index, a shoddy cost of living matrix highlighting the cost of each country to travel in via their beer prices. In fact, if this stupid website wasn’t a travel blog, it would […]

New Zealand Travel Tips – How To Speak Like a Kiwi Bro!

Sheep Dog Trials

If you’re feeling like travelling to the country that is the furtherest away from pretty much anywhere else, than New Zealand is great to visit. The people there are friendly (even to Australians), the scenery is spectacular, and if you like sheep, it’s paradise! It’s just not only the place where The Lord of The […]

Haunted Places – Mount Victoria Tunnel Wellington New Zealand

Road Tunnel - Wellington New Zealand

The ‘Toot Tunnel’ – Unusual Haunted Places in New Zealand! If you’re ever in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, you might want to check out one of the more unusual Haunted Places in the world. You may as well go there if you’re travelling from the other side of the world to visit the […]

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