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Mud Face Mask - Compulsory in Fiji Mud Bath

Mud Face Mask – Compulsory in Fiji!

Mud Face Mask - I can hear Paris calling now.. As part of the Rainforest Walk trip, Fiji Eco Tours takes you to a place that has some thermal springs and a mud bath, so you can create your own 'natural' ...
Rainforest Walks in Fiji - Waterfall Swimming

Rainforest Walks in Fiji – Eco Tours With A Natural and Cultural Experience

Rainforest Walks In Fiji The largest Fijian island of Viti Levu has a number of Rainforest Walks that involve a number of cultural and natural sights. I went on a Rainforest Walk organised by Fiji ...
Coconut Husking and Cracking - Coconut Lined Beach in Fiji

Coconut Husking and Cracking – The Fijian Way

Coconut Husking and Cracking - The Hard Way! Coconuts are an essential part of the diet in Fiji.  Being a tropical island area, you will see entire coastlines covered in them, and Coconut fringed beaches ...
Underground Food and Cooking - Fiji Lovo Meal Feast

Underground Food and Cooking in Fiji

Underground Food - Yummo! The lovo is the Fijian equivalent of Underground Food, and literally means ‘earth oven’.  Here is an example which you can see at the Arts Village at the Pacific Harbour ...
Holiday With Kids - Fiji

Holiday For Kids – Fiji is a Great Option

Holiday For Kids in The South Pacific One thing that I heard repeatedly about Fiji before I got there is that it’s a great place for a Holiday For Kids. I have known many friends and acquaintances who ...