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How To Cook Food Underground

Underground Food and Cooking - Fiji Lovo Meal Feast

I reckon one of the best things about travelling is chowing down on a tonne of food. A while back, I checked out some ‘underground cooked food‘ in Fiji and had to check myself in as excess baggage on the flight home! This is where they use an unusual method to cook up a storm […]


Castaway Movie – Visit The Island Where Tom Hanks Liked Wilson The Volleyball in Fiji

Castaway Movie

Castaway Movie – was not shot on Castaway Island! For the movie buffs out there who enjoyed the Castaway Movie, ironically, the movie was not shot on Castaway Island which is located in the Fiji Islands. Instead, the Castaway Movie was shot on little known and uninhabited Monuriki Island, which is shown below. Castaway Movie Film […]

Travel Fiji Deals – Some Useful Fiji Websites and Resources

Fiji Sunset - Warwick Fiji Hotel

Travel Fiji Deals and Websites Okay, Travel Fiji Deals – Some Useful Fiji Websites and Resources, is my last post about the fantastic country of Fiji for a while.  I’m hoping to score a return trip there soon, to see more awesome scenes like this! Anyway, this post is a mishmash of websites related to […]

Fiji Village Life – Easy In Some Ways, Harder in Others

Fiji Village Life - Woman

Fiji Village Life Throughout my great trip to Fiji, one thing I found quite striking is the cultural importance of Fiji Village Life.  You will undoubtedly pass through numerous villages throughout Fiji when you get out and about, and even meet lots of friendly locals. There is a large difference between where you stay at […]

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