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Will It Rain Today

Will It Rain Today? It Probably will in one of the Wettest Places In The World!

Will It Rain Today? Well, if you live in England, the answer is most likely to be 'yes'! ;P But it's usually that annoying drizzle that makes you feel depressed. But there are some places in the world ...
Hot Seat Contestant Audition Tips

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Hot Seat. How I bombed my chance to be a professional backpacker!

I'm always looking for any stupid excuse to go travelling. And a couple of years ago, I had a crazy idea that might let me travel permanently until the day I die! I was going to get hold of a million dollars, ...
Atlas Mountains - Road Near Marrakech

Windiest Road in Australia – The Gilles Highway

Feel like making someone you don't like a bit car sick? First, tell them that you're going to drive them on this road.. Say you're just joking, and then take them up or down the windiest road in ...
Drink and Drive Ute Full of Booze

Don’t Drink and Drive. Literally!

Ahhh, beer. I like having an icy cold one on a very hot day - nothing comes close to tasting perfect under these conditions. I like hanging around with a few friends and drinking the amber fluid straight ...
Walkabout Creek Hotel

Crocodile Dundee Movie Landmarks – The Walkabout Creek Hotel

Crocodile Dundee was one of the most popular Australian movies of all time and made Paul Hogan a mega rich man after this flick somehow became immensely popular all around the world. Unfortunately, ...