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Vegemite – You Either Love It Or Hate It!

Vegemite Jar

Vegemite is an Australian food icon.  You’ll find a jar of it in almost every kitchen in the country. Even though it’s not Australian owned anymore, it’s almost part of the staple diet for many people, just like bread and milk! But there are some people who are a bit polarised when it comes to […]

Cattle Country – The Beef City of Bovine Statues!

Mad Cow Disease - Crazy Statues

Don’t have a cow man! Today’s silly post is about beef – and a lot of it. Well, it’s actually a series of monuments that pay homage to beef cattle and the steak that comes from them! If you’re cruising down the east coast of Australia, you’re bound to drive through Rockhampton in central Queensland. […]

Toilet Cleaning Sign That Works!

Toilet Cleaning Bathroom Sign

Time for some more toilet humour, which is a subject that’s frequently featured in this silly blog! Most of them have been related to the funny signs pointing them out, rather than whether or not these latrines are usable! Previous examples that I’ve featured before include: The rather obvious squat toilet sign  The humorous how […]

Conversation Exchange Areas – BEERNBULLSHITCORNER!

Conversation Exchange Area

Here’s another attention grabbing sign! There’s nothing like communal conversation exchange areas to get a chat going whilst you’re downing a bit of a brew, or sometimes wine! And almost always, having a few drinks gets the conversation going, and sometimes it’s great, and sometimes, the tales that come out of some people’s mouths border […]

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