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What’s the Cricket Score? This Guy Doesn’t Care!

Summer is always synonymous with the English invented game called cricket. This, in turn with summer holidays, is a mixture where not much really happens on the work front and much of the time is playing ...
Cow Transport

Road Trains – Large Burger Transport!

Road trains are probably one of the most spectacular vehicle sights in the world. They involve a truck pulling multiple trailers behind it (that is, two or a lot more!), transporting all sorts of things ...

David Boon Shirts – Boony

David Boon (affectionately known as 'Boony'!) is one of Australia's most popular cricket players ever. He was the product of a bygone era when cricket players used to drink and smoke and still perform ...
Great White Shark Cage Diving

South Australia – Things I’d Like To Do There!

Here is a gratuitous attempt to score another trip somewhere that's away from where I live! Europcar Australia were silly enough to ask me to see if I was interested in entering the Detour competition ...
Fish Feeding Neds Bay - Lord Howe Island

Fish Frenzy – Feeding From The Beach!

One of the nicest places in the world that I've been to is Lord Howe Island, off the east coast of Australia. It's a bit tricky to get there, but well worth if you ever get the chance. You can easily get ...