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Drag Race

Drag Race – with Drag Queens!

Today I have an article from Bryan Richards about the Great Conch Republic Drag Race in Key West, Florida. This isn't exactly a race involving high octane performance from souped up cars! It's about ...

Waste Management Services – Funny Guarantee Sign!

There's nothing like a business that is so confident with how well they run the show, that they're willing to give back double what you asked for if you're not satisfied with the product or service for ...
Asimo Robot Honda

Asimo Robot by Honda – has probably travelled more than you!

Asimo is a cool humanoid robot that is able to conduct a lot of human-like movements that makes you almost think there is a pint sized human inside him taking the piss out of all of us. Well, that's what ...

Percussion Instruments – The Plastic Drum Kit!

I've seen all sorts of street buskers in my travels around the world - some of the more weird ones include the people dressed up as all sorts of famous people in La Rambla, in Barcelona, Spain. Like ...
Someplace Else

How To Advertise Beer and Travel Without Being In Your Face!

Corona Extra presents Someplace Else Here is one for the Beer Index, which is my shonky list of the cost of travelling in the places I’ve been to based on the price of beer per litre. Anyway, ...