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Luxury Hotels Of The World – Cappadocia, Turkey

Luxury Hotels Of The World – in a rock!

Todday’s Unusual Travel Photo comes from Natalie from the Turkish Travel Blog (check out the Facebook Page).

It’s one of the Luxury Hotels Of The World… maybe…

Luxury Hotels Of The World - Motel In Turkey

Actually will find may hotels like this in the Cappadocia Region of Turkey.

These ‘buildings’ have been hollowed out soft volcanic ash like formations that are a real novelty, and probably aren’t found anywhere else.

How Does It Compare to other Luxury Hotels Of The World?

Actually, I’ve stayed in places like this before in central Turkey – and they’re good fun!

You should check it out, you won’t forget it!

After staying in this Luxury Hotel of the World, why not try out some Natural Viagra, go Fishing In Istanbul, or maybe visit an old brothel, or buy a Statue or Priapus!


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4 Responses to Luxury Hotels Of The World – Cappadocia, Turkey

  1. Rock Man says:

    Cappadocia is cool, and there’s loads of places like this to stay there. There is no other landscape like this in the world.

  2. o My God! I have never seen such a hotel in my life. I cannot believe my eyes. I would definitely like to visit it someday. Thanks a ton!

  3. That was really cool and i think this is a better place to stay over there.I never heard about that type of hotels.

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