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How To Make Teh Telur – Tea With Egg

Tea With Egg, or Teh Telur – Tastes Awesome!

Tea With Egg is probably not the most obvious combination when it comes to downing a hot beverage.

I usually have tea with milk if I do drink it, and I like my eggs poached or scrambled.

I never thought about combining my solid and liquid components of breakfast into the one single source of sustenance as a midnight snack.

However, I’m staying with Taufik and his family in central Sumatra, Indonesia, and he suggested that I try it.

‘It is a specialty of Pekanbaru’. he said to me.

I thought, why not?  I’ve tried worse things before. Like some dodgy airline food. Actually, the only time I have experienced food poisoning was eating a dodgy steak sandwich from a pub in Australia.

But anyway, I tried this stuff, and to my surprise, Tea With Egg/Teh Telur is actually pretty good!

So here is how to get hold of one:

Tea With Egg / Teh Telur in Pictures

First of all, find a stall in Pekanbaru, central Sumatra, in Indonesia that serves this stuff.  Ask for Teh Telur.

Secondly, crack one egg into a glass, and whisk until frothy.

Thirdly, add sugar, sweetened milk and boiling tea to the mix.

Presto, you have Tea With Egg – a fantastic way to have a protein mix!

Have a few more and become the biggest beefcake in your town!

Maybe you could try this at home.  I highly recommend it if you like to try something different.

Other Things To Have Besides Tea With Egg

Check out more at Eat Smart in Indonesia: How to Decipher the Menu Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure.

Anyway, thank to Air Asia for helping me get to Indonesia so I can try Teh Telur! Check out their website for their cheap fares all around Asia!


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22 Responses to How To Make Teh Telur – Tea With Egg

  1. Bang FIKO (taufik) says:

    You also can try to drink it with ice, like my son did.
    Try it next time.. haha

  2. hello antoni, im eri drink tea with eggs with fiko and emo and you. please visit my blog

  3. uciie says:

    Harapan Raya street ??? its near my house. =) wew.. hmn, you’re in pekanbaru, rite?

  4. Wisata Riau says:

    Teh Telur is energy enhancer ,,,,,
    can feel the benefits … hehheh ….
    for the other attractions you can see on my blog .. like the story of history, legends, and the story of my journey through these places..

  5. Teplok says:

    great, I’m an indonesian but this is the first time I hear about Teh telur. Maybe one day you should travel to Borneo, you’ll find many interesting stuff there and some great cultural group. If you were here, I’d inoduce you with Bekantan, the long-nose monkey. Only found here in South Borneo (kalimantan Selatan)

  6. Dave and Deb says:

    Sounds good to me! I’d try it. So the next time I am in Sumatra I will just look for Teh Telur and have him make me one…that should be no problem:)

  7. pixie says:

    Its probably like custard!

  8. newsoul says:

    Teh Telur, hm…a great tradiitional beverage from Indonesia, especially in Sumatera Island. Nice posting.

  9. Nena says:

    Hope you’ll find more interesting food and culinary treats as you travel more in Indonesia. :D

    See you in Palembang?

  10. jaya says:

    teh telor wew… verry good… visit me blog guys

  11. Robertfel says:

    Tea with egg? wow ! have to taste it someday..

  12. Nolpitu says:

    Wouw…a nice experience…it must be an unforgetable moment.
    You know I’m a javanese living in Jogjakarta. It’s common thing to have a combination of a javanese chicken’s eqq (or duck’s one), honey and boiling sweetened milk in Javanese daily life. It’s especially for men, for they do believe in that the mixed drink can enhance their vitality, their sexual potency. Try it, it also tastes nice!

  13. mira says:

    hi Anthony, nice to hear that u were here, in Pekanbaru. so sad that I couldn’t come to the meeting yesterday ;( . what do u think about this city?

    well, talking about teh telur,I never try it. uncooked egg smells bad, and it makes me sick. anyway, do u ever try bandrek? I never drink it too, but I think maybe u want to try. bandrek is a ginger drink with egg. but it’s not a specialty of Pekanbaru but West java.

  14. attayaya says:

    wowww it so tasty
    i am sorry that i can’t join with u at pekanbaru
    coz i am in my business trip to jakarta

    what do you think about pekanbaru?

    nb :
    teh telur specially as hot beverage but it can also be cool beverage if we add some ice-block.

    we called “teh telur” as “te talua” in pronounciation

  15. h35ti says:

    Hi Anthony, thanks for visiting Pekanbaru.
    I’m sorry , i couldn’t come and met you at Bandar Serai for “Bertuah Kopdar” meeting last sunday…as the rain fall so badly

    Hope you enjoy Pekanbaru and your 1st Teh Telur :D

  16. Thomas says:

    Okay, you have explained how to make tea with egg but what about explaining why?! Only kidding, I like trying new things so I’m gonna give this a go. Do you just use normal tea?
    .-= Thomas´s last blog ..City Guide: Bilbao =-.

  17. Cho Yung says:

    This looks a bet eww but I am sure it tastes awesome. Thanx for the info.

  18. Terry says:

    Fantastic, weird and strangely interestingly delicious :D Seriously though, who sits around and invents these things?

  19. Kelly says:

    Interesting mix I have never thought to mix tea with eggs. I love both so this is something I’m goign to try. I always like to learn about others culinary treats so thank you.

  20. This tea is making me think thrice before making my lips touched to it!!

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