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G Adventures Wanderers In Residence. Tours and Junkets!

G Adventures – Tours And Junkets for The Travel Tart as a Wanderer in Residence!

A while ago, the head honcho of G Adventures, Bruce Poon Tip, got in touch with me to see if I was interested in scoring the odd junket here and there as a Wanderer in Residence – which means going on some of their great trips and writing about the experience.

Onya Bruce!

Actually, Bruce has a great sense of humour, considering that he liked this old Monty Python sketch about the name ‘Bruce’ (as a joke, they think all Australian men are called Bruce!).

YouTube Preview Image

Because I’m a Travel Tart, I’ll travel anyway possible. So I’m excited about being invited to be a Wanderer In Residence for G Adventures and being able to experience more of the world!

G Adventures - Wanderer in Residence

But I’m not the only travel tragics to have a crack at this either.

Some of the other Travel Bloggers out there who are in this G Adventures program include:

So, what the hell is a G Adventures Wanderer In Residence?

God knows! No, I get to do the following:

  • Have a featured page on the G Adventures website.
  • Take a fully paid trip anywhere in the world G Adventures operate once per year.
  • Attend travel shows and who knows, maybe some speaking gigs.
  • Attend events with other Wanderers in Residence.

Actually, I do have to produce something, like some blog posts about the trips I go on, but I’ll keep an eye out for the funny, unusual and offbeat travel experiences that I spot.

So, stay tuned for some stuff from my G Adventures Wanderers in Residence trips!

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One Response to G Adventures Wanderers In Residence. Tours and Junkets!

  1. Jko says:

    The video is very funny and I remember my old day watching the video. Lots of adventures and traders before wearing the same with the characters in the video. Like Bruce.

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