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Central Amsterdam

Signs You’ve Survived a Trip to Amsterdam

Today I have an article from Jess who runs Tripelio about some of the offbeat things to do in Amsterdam. She says 'Hi, I'm Jess and I love to travel. My parents were travelers since before I was born. ...
Amsterdam Canals

Dutch People – How To Piss Them Off!

Today I have a silly article from Jan who runs Netherlands Tourism.  No, this isn't the official Dutch Tourist office, but his blog about things to do and see in the Netherlands (not Holland...). Jan ...
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows – The Amsterdam Version!

Okay, it's funny T-shirt time again. This time, it's a Microsoft Windows parody that I'm sure didn't land on the desk of Bill Gates for his personal approval! Actually, Bill would probably have a laugh ...
Taxi Fare Calculator

Taxi Fare Calculator – The Italian Way!

Here is one of my favourite subjects - the Worst Drivers In the World! And today, there's one about taxi fare calculators done the Italian way, in Naples and it's written by Francesco. He is the creator ...
Vergina Greek Beer

Vergina – Funny Greek Beer Name!

'And would you like a Vergina?' I really struggled not to laugh at the waitress when she asked me if I wanted to drink this funny sounding Greek Beer! Even though she prounounced it as 'Veer-geee-na', ...