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Bunch Of Flowers – How To Keep Them Fresh!

Bunch of Flowers - How to Keep Fresh

Today I have a funny travel photo of a nice bunch of flowers that was sent in to me by Joe who runs I Want To Go There. You can also follow him on Facebook. Joe says ‘I have had the travel bug since 1996. First trip to Quebec City, Canada. Since then several countries […]

Fart Juice – I’ll Drink One Please!


It’s FART JUICE time! No, I’m not talking releasing a large amount of intestinal gas to the point where you follow through just that little bit too much and are wearing the brown underpants! It’s actually funny drink name time! And this one is from Poland in eastern Europe. I’d put this one in the same category […]

Signs You’ve Survived a Trip to Amsterdam

Central Amsterdam

Today I have an article from Jess who runs Tripelio about some of the offbeat things to do in Amsterdam. She says ‘Hi, I’m Jess and I love to travel. My parents were travelers since before I was born. Even in the womb, I was able to travel all over the place! Boy, did things NOT […]

Dutch People – How To Piss Them Off!

Amsterdam Canals

Today I have a silly article from Jan who runs Netherlands Tourism.  No, this isn’t the official Dutch Tourist office, but his blog about things to do and see in the Netherlands (not Holland…). Jan is poking a bit of fun at himself and his fellow Dutch People by writing a list of things that […]

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