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Spanish Swear Words, Slang and Expletives

Spanish Swear Words

Today, it’s Spanish Swear Words time! Inevitably, when you start learning a new language, you’re going to start speaking the slang or expletive expressions because that’s what the locals do! I think some of the first Spanish words I learnt were slang, thanks to some friends from Barcelona that I met in Africa. They were […]

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Photos – The Politically Incorrect Version…

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

If you travel around to any tourist trap in the world – that is, any place that becomes invaded by hordes camera wielding humans during tourist season who act in a sheep like fashion around a particular icon (including posing with friends), you are destined to view, or undertake yourself, a number of silly poses […]

You know you’ve grown up in Italian Culture when…

Italian Culture

One side effect of emigration is that cultures bring their own habits to another part of the world which greatly enrich the new place that they turn up at! Especially when it comes to food! As an example, after World War Two, many people places like Greece and Italy were just sick of the baggage […]

Dublin Airport Doodles… Literally

Temple Bar Dublin

Anyone who has travelled to Ireland knows that the Irish have a great sense of ┬áhumour. I just love going there and turning up to a pub to down a hearty pint of stout, waiting to strike up a conversation with one of the locals and just muck about a bit. Dublin is one of […]

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