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Cultural Awareness Education Sign – True Travel Photo

Cultural Awareness Education – Because of Precedents!

I’ve got another Funny Travel Photo from Michael Hodson of Go See

It’s of a sign outlining the dress standards required to enter one of the Temples in Thailand.

That’s right, the proper advice on how to dress appropriately so you’re not offending the local culture.

Check out the Funny Cultural Awareness Education Sign

I love how the phrase ‘Don’t Go Shirtless, or in shorts, hot pants, or other unsuitable attire inside the temple’ needed to be pointed out!

Cultural Awareness Education Sign True Travel Photo

That’s gold! And I love the depiction of the ignorant travellers in the picture!

And the only reason this sign was made up, is because something like the above picture has happened before!

A bit like the warning sign at the Vancouver Winter Olympics site and the Love Scenes Forbidden sign in Costa Rica!

Check out Cultural Intelligence: A Guide to Working with People from Other Cultures and Cultural Awareness: Respecting Race, Religion, and Diversity.



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5 Responses to Cultural Awareness Education Sign – True Travel Photo

  1. Culture Vulture says:

    This is culturally sensitive – at the beach!

  2. Thailand says:

    I always love the signs in Thailand, and this one is no exception. It gets the point across and entertains as well, unless you resemble the people in the picture!

  3. 1002things says:

    I love the drawing. Badassery through and through.

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