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Ramazan’s ‘Romantic’ Jeep Safaris and Tours. The most bizarre (and fun) trip I’ve been on.


Previously, I wrote about Kadir’s Tree Houses in Olympos, Turkey which is a favourite among many backpackers on the Turkish trail because it’s a great place to chill out and do sod all. I was there quite a while ago, but at the time, I went on some Jeep Safaris and Tours that were associated […]

Unusual Backpackers Hostels – Kadirs Tree Houses in Turkey


If you’re looking for some alternative backpackers hostels to crash in on any round the world trip that are a little bit unusual, Kadirs is one of those hostels that are hard to forget. Kadir’s is  located at the small Mediterranean town of Olympos, in Turkey.  It’s been there for ages (for a very good reason!) […]

Toilet History – The Roman Flush Toilet

Toilet History - The Roman Flushing Toilet

Toilet History – Roman Flush Toilets If you happen to be in Turkey, it’s worth checking out the superbly preserved Roman City of Ephesus, which is located near the Aegean Coast of Turkey – just for the Toilet History Facts! Ephesus is a good excuse to wander around a great example of Roman architecture, and dare I […]

Luxury Hotels Of The World – Cappadocia, Turkey

Luxury Hotels Of The World - Motel In Turkey

Luxury Hotels Of The World – in a rock! Todday’s Unusual Travel Photo comes from Natalie from the Turkish Travel Blog (check out the Facebook Page). It’s one of the Luxury Hotels Of The World… maybe… Actually will find may hotels like this in the Cappadocia Region of Turkey. These ‘buildings’ have been hollowed out soft […]

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