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Jeepney Philippines Public Transport

Jeepney, Philippines – Public Transport Mode Of The Week

Jeepney's Galore! The Jeepney is a Filipino institution, and I love them! Jeepney's are derived from the thousands of Jeeps that were left behind by the Americans in the Philippines after World War ...
Philippines Flooding

Philippines Floods 2009 – Health And Safety Photo Of The Week

Philippines Floods 2009 - Whoa! Today's Health And Safety Photo is one of the Philippines Floods that occurred in 2009. This poor archipelago nation often cops more than it's fair share of natural disasters ...
Balut Phillipines - Crunchy Duck Fetus for Breakfast - The Longest Way Home

Balut, Philippines. Crunchy Duck Fetus for Breakfast

Balut - A Philippines 'Deilcacy'! Balut is a delicacy from the Philippines that most of us would find hard to stomach. And I'm not talking about the Spam Jam Restaurant either! One of the joys of ...
Spam Jam - Manila Philippines

Spam Jam Restaurant – Like a Monty Python Sketch, But For Real

Spam Jam - Monty Python's Worst Nightmare! Spam Jam, believe it or not, is a restaurant in Manila, the Philippines, which specialises in Spam Recipes! I came across this culinary delight that could ...