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Weird Restaurants

Themed Restaurants in Japan – Freak Show Central

Themed Restaurants that make you think What The? Every night of my G Adventures trip to Japan involved going out and eating some great Japanese food. The variety of cuisine is almost endless and the ...
Women Only Trains - Japanese Public Transport Solution

Women Only Trains – Japanese Public Transport Solution on Tokyo Metro

Women Only Trains - A Solution To Potential Groping If you're ever cruising around on the Tokyo Metro System, you might notice a sign like this about Women Only Trains. I spotted this interesting sign ...
Japanese Food and Restaurants - Octopus Lollipops

Japanese Food, Cuisine, Recipes and Restaurants – Octopus Lollipops!

Japanese Food and Cuisine Time! As with any country that I visit, one of the highlights is to sample the local cuisine and food to see what it's all about - and see how similar or different it is to that ...
Free Hugs Campaign

Free Hugs Campaign – Not Working in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Free Hugs Campaign - Failing Miserably! If you go to the Harajuku area of Tokyo, you'll find all sort of weirdos cruising around rebelling against Japanese Society. At the square near the subway station, ...
Capsule Hotels in Japan

Capsule Hotels in Japan – Not for Amorous Liaisons!

Capsule Hotels - Living Coffins! Capsule Hotels are a popular form of accommodation in Japan that are used by many travellers and businessmen looking to save a few bucks here and there. These fibreglass ...