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You Know That You’ve Been Living in Japan Too Long When..

Living in Japan - Flag

Japan is one of those countries that embrace the weird – which is why I love it! I’d go back there any day, it’s loads of fun. I first went there a couple of years ago for a small taste and I’m keen to go back there again one day for more! I managed to […]

Japanese to English Translation Fail – Pass the Sauce!

Engrish Funny - Pass The Sauce

One thing I was expecting a lot of from my G Adventures trip to Japan (see more at the G Adventures site) truckloads of Japanese to English Translation Fails, or basically, a lot of Funny Engrish – that is, the funny signs that come up when the native language doesn’t quite translate as it should into the ‘Queen’s English’. […]

Smoking Area Sign – Don’t Speak in a Big Voice!

Big Voice

The progressive introduction of anti-tobacco laws have meant those addicted to the cancer sticks are always on the hunt for any designated Smoking Areas they can lay there hands on, where they can have a puff away without annoying the non-smokers out there. That means travelling smokers are finding it harder to find a place in many […]

Smoking Cessation – Funny Stop Smoking Sign!

Smoking Cessation - Funny Stop Smoking Sign

Smoking Cessation – It’s Bigger Than You Think! I’m a non smoker. I’ve never touched tobacco in my entire life. There are a couple of good reasons for this. I used to be asthmatic when I was a kid, and when I was twenty one, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer that meant I […]

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