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Things to Do In Bandung

Things To Do In Bandung, Indonesia

Things To Do In Bandung Apart from checking out Jeans Street and visiting nearby volcanoes, there are other things to do in Bandung, Indonesia while you are there. Situated at 750 m above sea level, ...
Gunung near Garut

Volcano Hazards at Garut, Indonesia and Candi Cangkuang

Volcano Hazards - A Real Experience! Today's post is a bit different than yesterdays about  Super Rambo Jeans - Volcano Hazards at Garut, Indonesia and Candi Cangkuang. The Gunung Papandayan (or ...
Jeans Street - Super Rambo Jeans

Jeans Street, Bandung – A Lesson In How To Sell Denim

Jeans Street - Denim Overload! Jeans Street is located in the city of Bandung, in western Java, Indonesia. And this place is one of the funniest pieces of retail real estate I have ever come across! Well, ...

Thanks for Everything Palembang!

Thanks for everything South Sumatra! Hi there to those in Pesta Blogger land.  I'm writing this from Bandung. This is just a quick one, because I need to get out now and see Bandung and write about it! Anyway, ...
Wongkito at the Ampera Bridge Palembang Indonesia

Things to do in Palembang, Indonesia

Things To Do In Palembang Besides checking out life along Sungai Musi River in Palembang, Indonesia, there's a lot more you can do there. Here we go: 1. Visit the Ampera Bridge. This is the main ...