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An Insight Into An Indonesian Wedding – Semarang Style

Indonesian Wedding - I'm Invited! Yesterday, one of the Semarang Blogging Community members, Mizan, invited me to witness an Indonesian Wedding. He literally asked me that morning - the day of the ...

Things To Do In Semarang, Indonesia

Things to Do in Semarang Thanks to the Loenpia Blogging Community, they've been showing me around their city of Semarang. Once again, there's lots of stuff to do here, so here goes: 1. See Gedung ...
Mesjid Besar Mosque Semarang

Mesjid Besar – The Grand Mosque, Semarang, Indonesia

Mesjid Besar Mosque Photos Mesjid Besar is the biggest mosque in Semarang, Indonesia. I had a great time taking a lot of photos of this quite striking building when I visited. It looks pretty nice when ...
Things to Do In Bandung

Things To Do In Bandung, Indonesia

Things To Do In Bandung Apart from checking out Jeans Street and visiting nearby volcanoes, there are other things to do in Bandung, Indonesia while you are there. Situated at 750 m above sea level, ...
Gunung near Garut

Volcano Hazards at Garut, Indonesia and Candi Cangkuang

Volcano Hazards - A Real Experience! Today's post is a bit different than yesterdays about  Super Rambo Jeans - Volcano Hazards at Garut, Indonesia and Candi Cangkuang. The Gunung Papandayan (or ...