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Cheeky Monkey Bali Indonesia

Cheeky Monkey – The Balinese Money Thief!

Cheeky Monkeys - Too Smart For Tourists One thing that's common at many Tourist Traps around the world is that even the local animals are in on the act of trying to fleece as many tourist dollars off ...
Motorbike Safety

Memorial Monuments Of The World – Motorbike Safety

Memorial Monuments In Your Face! Today, I've been sent an amazing set of photos from my mate Taufik about Memorial Monuments. Taufik lives in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. You can follow him on Twitter @bangfiko, ...

MONAS, Indonesia’s National Monument. Funny Building Nickname.

MONAS - Presidential Project Name Gone Wrong! If you're ever in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, you will most likely come across this massive and grand building called MONAS, or the Indonesian National ...
Silver Furniture - Miniature Doll House Extravagance

Silver Furniture – Miniature Doll House Extravagance

Silver Furniture - Mini Me Housing In November 2008, I was witnessed some amazing Silver Furniture craftsmanship in Yogyakarta, on the island of Java in Indonesia (Java is the most densely populated island ...
Perfumed Floral Woody Up Close

Funny Trip Photo – Men’s Shower Gel, Perfumed Floral Woody

Funny Trip Photo Time! This week's Funny Trip Photo is from Indonesia. During my recent month long trip there, and because I didn't want to smell like a filthy backpacker who has recycled his underwear ...