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Cool Drinks For Sale In India

Cool Drinks & Recipes For Order in India. Seamen?

Cool Drinks. I want one right now...not.. Today, I've got another funny travel photo from Mel who runs Bogan on a Bus about some Cool Drinks advertised that she spotted on her travels in India. Now, she ...
Taj Mahal Photos India - Love Story Irony

Taj Mahal Photos – Love Story Irony..

Taj Mahal Photos - Not a Cliched one either! The Taj Mahal is probably the most famous place in India, and one of the most recognisable landmarks in the entire world. Millions visit the place to take ...
Accommodation In India Recommended by Lonely Planet

Accommodation In India Recommended By Lonely Planet. Not.

Awesome Accommodation in India Sign! Today, I've got a hilarious travel photo about Accommodation In India from Mel who runs Bogan On A Bus. You can follow Mel @bruiserisabogan on Twitter and Bogan on ...
Ethical Computer Hacking India

Ethical Computer Hacking Course – Outrageous Travel Photo

Ethical Computer Hacking - As Opposed to Unethical Hacking! Today I have another Funny Travel Photo from Nomadic Samuel. Say hi to @NomadicSamuel on Twitter. He previously sent me one about the Korean ...
Holi Festival Photo in India - Wanderers Photo

Holi Festival In India – The Festival Of Colours and Elephant Beauty Contests

Holi Festival In India Today, I've got an unusual travel photo from Wanderers Travel India about the Holi Festival which is celebrated in India and in many other countries of the world that have a Hindu ...