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Chickens For Sale. The Multicoloured Variety!

Chickens For Sale

Today, I’ve got a totally bizarre travel photo from Steve. Steve is a budget travel guru and a self-proclaimed cheapskate extraordinaire! (yes, there is nothing like tight arse travelling!) Check out his epic blog, the aptly named Travelling Cheaply. Anyway Steve has a ‘colourful’ article about chickens for sale for this silly website today. And […]

Taking The Piss – Distilled Cow Urine. Yummo

Taking The Piss

I’ve been to India before, and anyone who has been there would notice the cows in the streets, and even at the beaches. Yes, they’re sacred, and you can’t avoid coming across cows mixing with the general public at some point during your trip to the cricket crazy sub-continent. But today’s silly post goes over […]

Cool Drinks & Recipes For Order in India. Seamen?

Cool Drinks For Sale In India

Cool Drinks. I want one right now…not.. Today, I’ve got another funny travel photo from Mel who runs Bogan on a Bus about some Cool Drinks advertised that she spotted on her travels in India. Now, she obviously didn’t take this one at the Cafe Laughing Buddha that was recommended by Lonely People.. This is […]

Taj Mahal Photos – Love Story Irony..

Taj Mahal Photos India - Love Story Irony

Taj Mahal Photos – Not a Cliched one either! The Taj Mahal is probably the most famous place in India, and one of the most recognisable landmarks in the entire world. Millions visit the place to take a tonne of Taj Mahal Photos for their computer wallpaper or for slideshows when they get home. But […]

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