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Angel Place – Offbeat Piece of Art in Central Sydney

Angel Place is an out of the way exhibition of empty bird cages located in a small laneway in the central business district of Sydney in Australia. It is literally a whole bunch of empty bird cages strung together, suspended above passer bys who are looking for a short cut in between busy city streets.

Here is a photo I took below of Angel Place as part of the Sydney Vivid Festival.

Angel Place Sydney Australia

Now, it seems to be a tad odd to have all of these empty bird cages in the one place, without any sign of a bird to place in them like a small budgie or cockatiel. And not that many Sydney siders know that Angel Place even exists!

But the reason for this unusual display is a statement against urbanisation. The cages are there to symbolise the birds that once used to be present in Sydney before the skyscrapers pushed out the wildlife out of the city. Note for outsiders, there are no kangaroos bouncing around in the streets in Sydney!

Bird Cage Collection - Angel Place Sydney

To go even further, there is even a soundtrack that is played at Angel Place on repeat, which is the sound of chirping birds. So you cannot help yourself but look upwards to see if there are actually any birds sitting in the cages.

But I also had second thoughts – I was wondering if I looked up into the sky for too long, that a bird poo might accidentally land in the cornea of my eye!

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Anyway, I put together a short video about Angel Place below, and I’ve managed to capture some of the bird chirping soundtrack as well.

More Angel Place Stuff

If you’re feeling like you want to create your own version of Angel Place inside of your house, then maybe you need to buy multiple Bird Cages from Amazon and string them from your ceiling! Now that would be weird!


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