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Baboon Facts – Funny Behaviour Photo..

Today I have a funny (and sort of rude) travel photo from Megan from Mapping Megan about some funny baboon facts and behaviour! So to speak! You can follow @MappingMegan on Twitter and on Facebook . Here it is! The Baboon Facts Photo Story! “Tanzania is happy to see you”! We were incredibly excited to head to […]

Office Shoes – Footwear Custom Made From Tyres


  Office Shoes and Black Footwear – literally! If you’re after a pair of Office Shoes (or any type of Footwear for that matter!) in Arusha, Tanzania, one does not go to the a Office Shoe Shop – instead, you go to the local mechanic! What The? I hear you say! I need to buy shoes from somewhere […]

Funny Bumper Sticker Quote from Africa – So True

Funny Bumper Sticker

Funny Bumper Sticker Time! One other great thing that is both refreshing and frustrating is ‘Africa time’. You could be waiting for 4 minutes, 4 hours, or 4 days (maybe 4 weeks sometimes) for a bus to leave! But think about it – no one else in Africa is going to hurry and be stressed out, […]

Funny Travel Photo – The George Bush Bar, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Funny Travel Photo Time – Thanks to George Bush! The George Bush Bar is todays Funny Travel Photo! I’m not sure which George Bush this bar is named after, but regardless, I have no idea of the motivation for naming this bar spotted somewhere on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania in July 2008. But that […]

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