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Video thumbnail for youtube video World's Highest Bungy Swing | The Travel Tart Blog

World’s Highest Bungy Swing – How To Crap Your Pants On It!

Here's one for the thrill seekers out there who want to test out the validity of their travel insurance - it's the world's highest bungy swing! It's at Oribi Gorge in the Kwazulu Natal region in South ...
Six Degrees of Separation Concept

Six Degrees of Separation – When it Becomes One!

The theory of Six Degrees of Separation is that everything you want and anyone you want to meet are only six steps or six people away. Or otherwise, it's the saying 'it's a small world' - especially ...

Claustrophobic? Don’t go down the Underground Mine at Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, South Africa

Gold Reef City is a theme park with a bit of a difference - it's a touristy, former underground gold mine transformed into a theme park, complete with water slides, gold-pouring and a 200 metre chilly ...
Giant Prawn Shrimp

Giant Shrimp – Possibly The World’s Biggest Prawn!

I like a bit of seafood now and then, especially if it's caught straight from the sea and ends up on your plate on the same day - like I've done previously with some Yellowfin Tuna Fishing. Nothing compares ...
Bungee Jump Soweto

Cooling Towers Bungee Jump. Another Excuse to Blow Your Adrenal Glands

Back in 2010, I did a press trip to South Africa and I did two insane bungee swings within three days. The first one was off the arch in Moses Mabhida Stadium, 'only' a 50 metre freefall. The second one ...