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Aswan Egypt – River Nile Felucca Cruise Sights on Lake Nasser

Aswan Egypt - Mini Me Boats! Once you venture south of Cairo after checking out the Pyramids (even inside them) and down towards Luxor and Aswan Egypt, you will most likely see sights like the unusual Unfinished ...
Egyptian Pyramids Giza Pizza Hut The Travel Tart

Egyptian Pyramids at Giza – Aren’t In The Middle Of Nowhere

Egyptian Pyramids At Giza - Perspective Time! You'd have to be living under a rock to not know that the Giza Pyramids are in Egypt. What I found most striking about Giza wasn’t the pyramids themselves, ...
Egyptian Pyramids Inside

Egyptian Pyramids at Giza – What Do They Look Like Inside?

Egyptian Pyramids at Giza - A sneak peak inside them! Egyptian Pyramids - one of the biggest travel cliches in the world. However, they are still impressive. Most people know about the Giza Pyramids, ...
Abu Simbel Egypt

Abu Simbel Temples, Egypt – An Impressive Piece of Legoland

Abu Simbel Temples, Egypt - Larger Than Life Lego! The Abu Simbel Temples are located near the Egypt/Sudan border, only a few hours ride in a suicidal mini-bus taxi.  They were ordered by the king of ...
Camel Rides Egypt

Wanna Camel Ride? The Hard Evidence at the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Camel Rides at the Pyramids - Almost Impossible to Avoid! Taking photos of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.  It's a nightmare at the best of times.  Usually, the Giza Pyramids are crawling with all sorts ...