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North Korean Theme Parks

The Worst Theme Parks In The World

The Worst Theme Parks in the World. Been to Any Of Them? Today, I've got a gust post from Joe Johnson about some of the Worst Theme Parks In The World, or the dodgey theme parks you may choose to visit ...
Travel Editor Interview - Kelly Irving

Travel Editor Interview – Kelly Irving From Get Lost Magazine

Some Travel Editor Tips! Hi there people in Travel Tart land. Today, I've scored an interview with Kelly Irving, who is a director of Good Globe Media, a Deputy Travel Editor at Get Lost travel magazine, ...
Travel Sights Frog Juice - Jugo de Rana

Travel Sights to make you Squirm – Frog Juice in Peru, Jugo de Rana

Bizarre Travel Sights - The Frog Juice/Jugo de Rana Stand in Arequipa, Peru Today's 'What the f&*$ is that?' travel photo are bizarre Travel Sights from John from - which is about a heap ...
Hayden Quinn Interview

Hayden Quinn Interview – Masterchef Australia Contestant on Urine Tasting Sheep Kidneys

Hayden Quinn Chats About Sheep Kidneys, The Hoff and Budgie Smugglers! As part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival, I interviewed a former Masterchef Australia contestant, Hayden Quinn just ...
Turtle Nesting Mon Repos Beach

Turtle Nesting at Mon Repos Beach, Bundaberg. Not Turtle Soup Time!

Turtle Nesting - Like Watching Someone Give Birth! After witnessing my first Power Boat Racing carnival at Bundy Thunder, I ended up doing something completely different on that night - checking out Turtle ...