Funny Nun Habit Costumes – Taking Account of Current Affairs!

Nun Habit Costumes

Here’s a nomination for what could possibly be one of the most bizarre tourist attractions of the week! And you’re not going to find this one anywhere on a tourist board list of things to do or a travel guidebook! It’s one of those odd local traditions that require a local’s knowledge to send you […]

XXXX – It’s Beer, not Hardcore Porn!


XXXX (or Fourex)┬áis a beer that’s brewed in Brisbane, Australia and is predominately consumed in the state of Queensland, but it’s also available in other parts of Australia if you look for it hard enough. But if you’ve never come across the beer before, you probably wouldn’t think this place was a brewery if you […]

Melbourne Cup Horse Racing – Funny Costumes!

Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Funny Costumes

If you’re ever in Australia during November, you’ll probably find out pretty quickly that the Melbourne Cup is just another one of those events that are staged in Australia as part of a very thinly disguised booze up! It also creates a massive dent in the Australian GDP on the first Tuesday of November as […]

How to be a Travel SEO Ho! A Silly Tutorial with Tips and Techniques

SEO Tutorial Travel

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is a moving beast that drives anyone who runs a website (like myself) insane. Even if you don’t run a website, it affects you because when you type in something, Google has to work out what you actually want by asking about 200 questions before it spits out a result […]

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