The Weirdest Jail In The World – San Pedro Prison, La Paz Bolivia

La Paz Bolivia Jail

Anyone who’s been to Bolivia in South America would know that it’s a great place to visit, and it’s home to some great things to experience such as mountain biking down the world’s most dangerous road, the Salar Uyuni, and the Salt Hotel. But there’s one attraction that’s a bit weird that would be both […]

The Sunday Night Interview with Denham Hitchcock!

Channel 7 Current Affairs

Hey there all of you in Travel Tart land, today I’ve scored an interview with Denham Hitchcock who is a foreign correspondent for the Australian current affairs show, Sunday Night. I envy his job – he’s filed reports from all over the world covering all sorts of things like presidential inaugurations, earthquakes, and even taking […]

Travel Fashion – Backpacker Style Tips On The Road

Travel Fashion

Any long term traveller will know this – travel fashion isn’t really at the top of the grooming list when you’re traipsing all over the world and lugging your backpack all around the place. Sure, it sounds glamourous, but for a lot of the time, it isn’t! I’d rather be the worst dressed traveller than […]

Border Crossings – The Things That Happen!

Border Crossings

Ahhh, border crossings! Sooner or later, we’re going to come across them in our international travels. I’m mainly talking about the land ones, but there are similar themes regardless of whether you arrive into a new country by air, rail, road, or even walking. Living in Australia, a lot of my first port of entries […]

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