7 Weird Things to do in Tokyo That Will Change You Forever!

Harajuku District Tokyo

Today I’ve got a post from Andrew Wise who runs Life, Tailored. It’s about the weird shit that happens in Tokyo, Japan. I love going to Japan because I’ve come across things there you won’t see anywhere else, like Plastic Food Displays and Weird Statues. Here it is! 7 Crazy Adventures and Weird Things to do […]

Travel Light – Silly Tips for Streamlined Travel

Backpacker Style

One of the things I try and do my very best is find the Utopian balance between travelling with just the right amount of stuff that I need without having to visit a chiropractor because I’ve lugged too much crap around the world! Actually, I think I’m not too bad when it comes to travel […]

Manscaping While Travelling: When, Where, and How!

Learn How to Shave

Today I’ve got a post about ‘Manscaping‘ whilst travelling – keeping yourself well groomed and trimmed when you’re on the road. It’s from Wesley, who is the owner of iManscape.com – a website where men, beards, and manscaping THRIVE! If you would like to see more from Wesley checkout iManscape or like their page on Facebook. Plus check out […]

Spring Chickens – The Cambodian Food Option…

Spring Chickens - Cambodian Food

Chicken is probably the world’s most consumed meat – especially young, fresh Spring Chickens! That’s because it’s pretty cheap, and easy to ‘farm’. You’ll see them as a staple food source from all over the world. From the free range village variety to the mass produced western version, chickens definitely make the world go round […]

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